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Sweat Pads Triple Absorb - 100 for only £20

For Extreme Sweat

"Been like a miracle...."
"These Sweat Pads have changed my life completely...."
"Now have confidence to wear what I want...."
"Don't need to keep my arms by my side anymore...."
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Of course you can buy cheap Sweat Pads that absorb small amounts of sweat that the average person produces, but Sweat Guard Sweat Pads work for those of us who have an extreme armpit sweat problem. Sweat Guard's discreet Sweat Pads absorb and lock away all of your underarm sweat from view - even if your armpit sweat problem is extreme. Our Sweat Pads stay stuck to the inside of your shirt throughout your working day.

Only available from Invented and made by Sweat Guard in the UK.

Smaller than other Sweat Pads, Sweat Guard Underarm Sweat Pads stick neatly to the inside of your shirt and will not be seen. Small enough to be secret, yet so technologically advanced it does the job of 3 standard pads.

Sweat Guard's advanced absorbent technology now absorbs more sweat than 3 large Sweat Pads.

The entire backs of our UK made Underarm Sweat Pads are entirely covered in our unique adhesive. No sewing, NO pinning, NO glue-strips to buy.

SAVE £20
This 100 pack saves you £20 compared to the standard price.

Money-Back Guarantee - if after using Sweat Guard Sweat Pads, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return them within 14 days and we will refund £20.

  • Sticks to the inside of your shirt
  • Discreet: Small size, yet triple the absorbency of those from a major competitor
  • Size: 9.5cm wide x 11.5cm long
  • For Men & Women
  • Made in UK. Designed by Sweat Guard, manufactured by Sweat Guard
  • For machine washable clothing
  • Only available in the UK from
  • Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Sweat Pads, you are not satisfied, for any reason, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £20
  • As Seen On TV
  • Triple absorbency for extreme sweating
  •   Sanjeev - London Hi. All my life I have had a real issue with underarm sweating which had really become an issue in my confidence and my life in general. I wanted something to resolve the issue of huge sweat patches that would occur around the underarm area that restricted me wearing certain clothes. And in fact, even going places, as I was always worried about people looking and commenting on my problem. I have regularly been using the triple absorbency sweat-pads for well over a year now and the product has been unbelievable brilliant. The sweat-pads are of a perfect size to fit under the armpit. The adhesive element is very good, to be honest has seemed to improved since I first started buying the product. They are very comfortable and do the job perfectly. The thickness is also perfect as it absorbs the sweat incredibly and the pad does not get soggy or damp on any way which is great. I wear them all day long with no fear of them peeling off. I now wear many clothes that I previously could not due to sweating excessively, with confidence and not the worry of a sweat patch being visible. The sweat-pads have changed my life completely and would recommend them 100% to anyone. Kind regards
  •   Ann - Hampshire My daughter has suffered from excessive sweating all her adult life. It has always made her self-conscious and has stopped her from socialising. She could only wear tops one time and then they retained the smell and the stain of sweat even after they were washed. I saw your ad for underarm sweat pads and suggested she tried them. She said no, she had tried everything and nothing worked. I ordered some anyway. They have been like a miracle. She is absolutely thrilled with them. She is no longer self-conscious and is out enjoying herself again with confidence. Her tops can be worn over and over, even before washing. I am a happy mother, and very grateful to you.
  •   Heather - Reading I was sceptical when I came across Sweat Guard sweat pads but needed to try something. A lot of my clothes were ruined and I could smell the odour so thought everyone else could. I bought a small pack to see what they were like. Once I got the hang of where to stick them (as work shirts are baggy) that was it. Sweat guard sweat pads have changed my life. Don't need to keep arms by my side, more confidence. Would recommend to everyone.
  •   Jenny - Bristol I purchased the Sweat Guard sweat pads for my granddaughter who suffers from excessive sweating, especially underarm. She is so pleased that the pads are working and has even given two of her friends, pads to try. They are impressed and wanted to know where to buy them. So no hesitation in recommending them and will be buying again.
  •   Michael - Staffordshire Starting a new job required me to wear shirts to work. This posed an issue as I was born with a heart condition and a side effect of this is excessive sweating. With the help of Sweat Guard I no longer have to wear plain white shirts and can feel confident that sweat patches will not show. Having used the sweat pads for nearly 6 months now, I have recommended family and friends and would encourage anyone who struggles or is conscious about sweat patches to try these.
  •   Chris - London I'd always have to plan what I was wearing so in advanced and find out how hot it was going to be just to see what colour top I could wear. But with the sweat guards that worry has gone, I now have the confidence to wear anything I want in any weather. Thanks so much
  •   Fab - London I am amazed by your underarm sweat pads. I tried them with a coloured t-shirt and I thought they were too small for me yet they worked perfectly, apart from one small bead of sweat, it's a success. Compare to the huge marks of sweat that would come down reaching my waist. I am over the moon with these sweat pads.