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Best Antiperspirant For Excessive Hand Sweating

Will Get Your Hands Dry Or Your £15 Back

"Difference is remarkable...."
"No longer worry about shaking hands...."
"I used to leave wet marks on my phone - now dry all day...."
"This bottle of magic has given my son his confidence back...."

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Stops Your Extreme Sweaty Hands Or Your £15 Back
Whether you are a man or a woman, if you suffer from extremely sweaty hands (Palmar Hyperhidrosis), this breakthrough exclusive antiperspirant will work for you when other products have failed. We have tested antiperspirants designed for excessively sweaty hands, from across the world and sold some of the better ones. We are proud to tell you that this is our best ever product for extremely sweaty hands. We are so confident that our exclusive Hand Antiperspirant will work for you too, we offer a solid money-back guarantee on it.

You Are The Judge
Even if you suffer from dripping, severely sweaty hands and everything you have ever tried has failed you, our exclusive formulation will work for you too. If you think that it has not reduced your excessively sweaty hands enough, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £15. Don't forget, you are the judge, so if this was only an OK product, our customers would send it back in huge numbers. This is NOT simply an OK product, this is an outstanding product which actually works for those of us who have been let down time and time again.

Only available direct from the inventors,

Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Sweaty Hands Antiperspirant, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return to us within 14 days and we will refund £15

  • Stops Excessively Sweaty Hands
  • Invented in the UK and made in the UK
  • 50ml Roll-on
  • Private - mailing bag has no mention of what is inside
  • Fragrance-free
  • Exclusively available direct from the inventors and manufacturers
  • Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Sweaty Hands Antiperspirant, you are not satisfied, for any reason, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £15
  •   Gemma - Tyne and Wear Sweatguard sweaty hands antiperspirant is an amazing product. My hands remain so dry all day. Even at work, I used to leave wet marks when writing on a notepad or being on the phone and putting the receiver down with sweaty hand marks on it. Not now though, i simply use sweatguard hand antiperspirant when I go to bed and my hands stay dry the next day. It doesn't cause dry flaky skin like other brands i've tried. Give it a go.
  •   Kay - Aberdeenshire I buy your hand antiperspirant for my son. He meets the public regularly as a delivery man. He shakes hands all day. He no longer has to worry about his sweaty hands and is now much more confident.
  •   Sally - West Yorkshire Bought your sweaty hands Antiperspirant recently and noticed the difference, does exactly what it says, stops sweaty hands. Using once a day just before bed and the difference is remarkable. Would highly recommend. So very happy.
  •   Kay - Staffordshire Have been using this for just over a week, putting it on my hands just before going to bed, doesn't take long to dry...and have started to notice the results already...brilliant, would definitely purchase again. Thanks
  •   Brian - Northern Ireland I love this sweaty hands antiperspirant. I am a sport man and it keeps me from sweating during my events. Used to be troubled with sweaty hands and left my hand slippery during competitions but not anymore.
  •   Liz - Glasgow I was absolutely blown away by how much this hand antiperspirants works. I purchased it for my 18 year old son. He is at that age where he is trying to impress, but was so terribly embarrassed by his sweaty hands, more so in his current job. His duties involve meeting the public on a daily basis. He was so terribly embarrassed each time he had to shake hands and no amount of continuous washing made any difference. He also attends the gym on most days, does weights, which I doubt helped his problem much. Having tried different soaps, talc, washing his hands constantly, we had virtually given up. I decided to try Sweatguard, I could see that his sweaty hands were really getting him down and I thought we had nothing to lose as it has a money back guarantee. My son is absolutely delighted with the hand antiperspirant. His face was just beaming the first day when he realised it had worked. Thank you so much. Cant believe this bottle of magic has given my son his confidence back and for that I will be continually grateful and will be definitely buying the product again. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
  •   Sylvia - East Yorkshire I was desperate as my hands sweat very much and I find it so embarrassing. I have seen your ad many times and I only wish I had tried it sooner. Do not suffer any longer you folk out there - order this sweaty hands antiperspirant and you will never worry again. Kind Regards