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Sweat Pads Triple Absorb - 40 for £10

For Extreme Sweat

"Literally changed my life...."
"New level of confidence since wearing Sweat Guards...."
"Words can not describe the feeling...."
"He has become more confident and getting back to socialising...."
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Of course you can buy cheap Sweat Pads that absorb small amounts of sweat that the average person produces, but Sweat Guard Sweat Pads work for those of us who have an extreme armpit sweat problem. Sweat Guard's discreet Sweat Pads absorb and lock away all of your underarm sweat from view - even if your armpit sweat problem is extreme. Our Sweat Pads stay stuck to the inside of your shirt throughout your working day.


Only available from Invented and made by Sweat Guard in the UK.

Smaller than other Sweat Pads, Sweat Guard Underarm Sweat Pads stick neatly to the inside of your shirt and will not be seen. Small enough to be secret, yet so technologically advanced it does the job of 3 standard Sweat Pads.

Sweat Guard's advanced absorbent technology now absorbs more sweat than 3 standard, large Sweat Pads.

The entire backs of our UK made Sweat Pads are entirely covered in our unique adhesive. No sewing, NO pinning, NO glue-strips to buy.

Money-Back Guarantee - if after using Sweat Guard Sweat Pads, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return them within 14 days and we will refund £10.

  • Sticks to the inside of your shirt
  • Discreet: Small size, yet triple the absorbency of those from major competitors
  • Size: 9.5cm wide x 11.5cm long
  • For Men & Women
  • Made in UK. Designed by Sweat Guard, manufactured by Sweat Guard
  • For machine washable clothing
  • Only available from
  • Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Sweat Pads, you are not satisfied, for any reason, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £10
  • As Seen on TV
  • Triple absorbency for extreme sweating
  •   Jane - Lancashire I have found a whole new level of confidence since using Sweatguard sweat pads! I work as a teacher and have to wear blouses regularly which make sweat patches very noticeable. I perspire more than the average woman and it stresses me out quite a lot. Knowing that I might be showing patches on my clothing stresses me out even more and makes me sweat more. It really knocks my confidence and my mood. Since finding sweat pads, that has all changed. I wear them every single day on my clothing for work, they are very discreet and never allow even a drop of sweat on my clothing! I can put my arms in the air and everything! This seems like such a simple thing to so many people but not for people who perspire. I am more confident now, which means I actually sweat less as I'm not worried about having dark circles under my armpits anymore. I am a much happier worker thanks to Sweatguard. Thank you
  •   Danielle - London I have suffered with severe underarm sweating since I was 13. I could go on and on about how it affects me and my day to say life in general but I would literally be writing an essay! I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing has ever worked. Then I came across sweat guards underarm Sweat pads and words cannot describe the feeling I felt when I first tryed them out and they worked! They are perfect! My life has changed I'm now finally a happy confident 22 year old. A very happy customer.
  •   Caroline - Aberdeenshire My son is 14 & has had heavy sweating since his puberty he is undergoing treatments at doctors & the dermatology dept at the local hospital nothing has been successful so far until l found the Sweat Guard website & tried the sweat pads. The sweat does not come through my sons clothes anymore which is an excellent start for my son becoming more confident again & getting back to school & socialising with his friends. Because my son is getting medical help at moment if it all falls apart, I will definitely give the Sweat Guard anti-perspirant for my son to try. Thank you, a happy mum
  •   Anthea - Surrey Sweat Guard's Sweat Pads have literally changed my life. I have suffered from hyperhydrosis for years, although for a long time I didn't know there was a medical name for it, let alone any products out there to help. I have long been embarrassed by visible armpit stains, made uncomfortable by wet patches and frustrated by my clothing getting ruined by a mixture of sweat and deodorant. However, now I use Sweat Pads daily and I can wear my favourite clothes without fear of embarrassment, discomfort or ruined clothing. My confidence has increased massively and I'm really pleased that my clothes will last longer! Thank you Sweat Guard.
  •   Caroline - Northern Ireland 10 out of 10. I have been buying sweat pads for my 16 year old son over the last 12 months. Having tried several sweat pads none have compared to the super absorbency of Sweat Guard pads. Would recommend every time.
  •   James - North Yorkshire The sweat guard sweat pads I bought are brilliant, I suffer with over active sweat glands and theses pads are amazing. I was a bit sceptical at first but recommend these for anyone with large amounts of underarm wetness.
  •   Daryl - East Sussex Buying these Sweat Guard sweat pads have completely changed my life in the way that I feel more comfortable in wearing coloured clothes when in public, which I have not done in many years. This has boosted my confidence a lot! It has been a great comfort to find a product that actually helps! Well worth the money! Thank you Sweat Guard.
  •   Rebekah - Surrey I came across SweatGuard online during one of my many attempts to find a cure for my sweating. I have suffered with this issue for years. I had tried numerous products in the past, all of which gave me a burning sensation that I could not handle. I was starting to look at the cost for laser treatment. Thank goodness I found this website before I went through with it! The antiperspirant causes no reaction - it took about 4 uses of it to fully work. Thank you SweatGuard! I also wear their sweat pads during particular situations where I would have normally sweat even more than usual. I find that every time I take them off, I actually did not need them but after sweating for many years, it is hard to believe that I have actually found something that works!
  •   Jamie - Kent Sweatguard stick on sweat pads are great and easy to use! It takes less than 2 minutes for me to put them into my shirt in the morning and away I go, without any fear that my armpits looking absolutely soaked (which would then normally make me sweat more). I feel so comfortable and confident at work now. Thanks very much
  •   Marnie - Kent My son has suffered with excessive underarm sweating for a while now and went to the doctors, we are still waiting for an appoinment 6 months on. I thought one day, is there such a thing as underarm pads and put this in on the internet. I came across the sweatguard site and have not looked back. My son has more confidence and is happier about going out especially if it is hot outside. His clothes no longer get stained or crusty from the sweating. The dress shields are discreet and I find that they do not smell or discolour. My only anoyance with them is when I find them in the washing machine after thinking my son would of taken them out before putting in the laundry, or standing there with 10 T-shirts and peeling each sweat pad off. A truly brilliant product Thank you for helping my son.
  •   Joyce - Edinburgh Brilliant - confident that my underarm sweat pads will stay in place. Unlike other makes, sweatguard dress shields do not travel down my sleeve or worse, end up on the office floor.