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Home-Use Iontophoresis Stops Armpits, Hands and Feet Sweating

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"Dry hands & feet for the first time in 21 years...."
"Love being able to wear what I like without drenched shirts...."
"Hands & feet 95% dry - thought would be impossible without surgery...."
"Dry for first time since I was 12...."

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If you think that our Home-Use Iontophoresis Machine has not reduced your underarm, hands & feet sweating enough, simply return to us within 100 days, for a refund of £299. That's right, use the device, use our expert treatment support, and if you decide that you want a refund for any reason, simply return, within 100  days and get your £299 back.

Well here's the tricky bit about Iontophoresis Machines. Everybody is different - there is NOT a "one-size fits all" regimen for any Iontophoresis Machine. That is why Sweat Guard offer FREE, expert, UK based, one to one email support given by experts who have used Iontophoresis to stop their own excessive sweating and helped thousands of people like you.


Just like today’s best computers give you more computing-power than you need, our Digital Device has a specification greater than you will need. It is so powerful that it can provide power that is over SIX times that which many people use. Of course, there are some of our customers that require a much higher power than others, and our Device is capable of producing DOUBLE that needed by even those people.

Most iontophoresis machines still need to be connected to the electric wall-socket whilst you carry out a treatment. Users prefer Lithium-Ion powered Devices because you can treat yourself without needing to be near an electric-socket or have a power-cable across the floor. More compact and ideal for when travelling too. Like advanced mobile-phones, our Device is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries.

Buy the best - durable Stainless Steel Electrodes are included. We do NOT supply aluminium or silicon electrodes because they do not last as long as Stainless Steel electrodes.

Our iontophoresis machines & support are only available direct from Sweat Guard ® in the UK.   Unlike many other imported machines Sweat Guard's are CE marked which assures they meet all UK and European legal and regulatory requirements and standards. Important for your safety and protection. 

Sweat Guard has sold iontophoresis machines in UK for many years. We now have the most effective and most reliable machine that we have ever experienced.

As an adult, our Digital Device can be used in the privacy of your home, without needing someone to operate the device for you. Some competitor’s machines, require someone to operate the machine for you.

Our money-back guarantee is simple - if for any reason, you want to return it, you can return to us within 100 days and get your £299 back.



  • CE marked medical device in EU - Assures Safe and Effective Use in EU/UK
  • Guaranteed Electrodes - electrodes are an expensive consumable part on most iontophoresis machines - NOT on ours, as they are so long-lasting we even guarantee them for 2 years
  • Durable Stainless Steel Electrodes for underarms, hands and feet are effective and very long-lasting
  • Direct Current for 100% of the current all the time to give you effective treatments
  • Automatic Polarity Shift ensures the most even, effective treatments without down-time
  • Complete Kit for severe sweating of the underarms, hands and feet - English Instructions, Iontophoresis Digital Electronic Control Unit, Water-trays for the treatment of hands/feet, Stainless Steel Electrodes for hands/feet, Electrode Covers for hands/feet, Electrodes for underarms, Electrode Covers for Underarm Electrodes, Battery Charger, Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries. And don't forget, the all important UK one-to-one email support
  • Only available in the UK from
  • 2 Year Warranty on the Control Unit and Electrodes
  • FREE Expert Support from the UK
  •   James - Suffolk Your swift replies and knowledgeable advice have been greatly appreciated and have enabled me to have dry hands and feet for the first time in 20 years. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for firstly supplying me with a solution to a problem that has affected me for 20 years and that I thought was not fixable and secondly for all the advice you have given once the Iontophoresis Device was delivered. I wish you a great deal of success with this Iontophoresis Device and the solutions you offer.
  •   Alan - Midlands Having suffered with Hyperhidrosis since around the age of 14 I had come to terms with having to live with the condition for the rest of my life. After reaching a point of desperation I decided to research further on the internet which was when I found out about Sweat Guard's Iontophoresis Machine. Initially I was EXTREMELY reluctant to try it or believe that it could perform the miracles it claimed to. After researching further I decided to take the plunge, after all the money back gaurantee meant I could get a refund if it didn't work after the initial trial period. All I can say is I am stunned and wished I had done this so much sooner as it would have changed my teenage years for sure. I no longer have wet feet when I take my shoes off and I don't have to panic about shaking hands with clients at work - I feel so much m ore confident, it really has changed my life. Both my hands and feet are 95% dry now, something I thought I could never achieve without surgery, I still keep expecting to wake up from this dream but it really is real.
  •   Mr Samuels - High Wycombe Iontophoresis treatments have been the only treatment that has helped with hyperhidrosis - a massive reduction of 80% or more in sweating of my hands. I would like to say that the support from Sweat Guard has been excellent and the staff that I have spoken to for advice and support has been top notch. I would gladly recommend this Iontophoresis treatment and Sweat Guard to anyone with this problem.
  •   Nicola - Worcestershire My communication from Sweat Guard was excellent and any questions I had were answered the same day. I bought your Sweat Guard Iontophoresis for armpits, hands and feet on the recommendation of a consultant who we saw for my 14 year old sons Hyperhidrosis. After many years and trying every possible cure and medication , all it took was 10 sessions and he was dry. A weekly top up has kept it this way since September 2010 when we made our purchase. I really can not stress enough how it has changed his life. Don't hesitate or waste any more time worrying, Iontophoresis really is the ideal solution. Many thanks
  •   Minty - West Midlands I have now been using the Sweat Guard Underarm Iontophoresis machine for just over a week and I am impressed. The sweating calmed down after just a few days and has nearly stopped now. I have tried injections before and it worked but did not last very long. Iontophoresis is a lot less painful and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Thanks for selling such a great product. You are more than welcome to use my comments on your website as I think more people should know how great this machine is. I just wish I could have found out about it a fair few years ago. Its really helped my confidence and I can wear what I want now. I will reduce the amount I use it until I find a fine balance. Using it has never got in the way of anything so I am really happy. Thanks again.
  •   Chris (Therapist) - London For me Iontophoresis treatments are a totally liberating experience. I can put up with 30 mins in front of the telly, sitting with sponges under my arms, periodically. It is no big deal.. and good bye to to those former times when for no apparent reason my armpits 'turn on' and stream with sweat...very nice. I now love being able to wear what I want without fear of the inevitable drenched clothing and occassional comment. It is a strange condition. I have never managed to figure it out...something to do with the sympathetic nervous system I think. I was aware that certain food or drink, and stress, in my case, may make it worse. Otherwise, it is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable. I had tried various therapeutic approaches with no benefit and had decided that injections or surgery was no option for me. I thought that the 'returnable' option offered by Sweatguard was very fair. I have also valued the total support that is provided, while nervously figuring my mind around the very simple user process.
  •   Iain - Lancashire After all the time I spent at my doctors before being sent to a dermatoligist and being recommended to get one of these Iontophoresis Devices, my doctor could have saved me a lot of time. Again many thanks for supplying me with this wonder machine. You are more than welcome to use my comments, its a brill machine, and cant believe how good its worked for me, and if its worked for me i am sure it will work for everyone.
  •   Daniel - Stockport Since starting Iontophoresis treatments I can say it has been a resounding success giving me dry palms for the first time I can ever remember. I had resigned myself to having to live with hyperhidrosis until I discovered Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis treatments have provided a life changing experience and greatly improved my confidence. I would also like to to say how good the support has been from Sweatguard since I bought the machine and how swift their responses have been whenever I have asked anything. Many Thanks
  •   Robin - London I have a profession that takes me into many social situations where I meet people all the time - often very famous ones - and I have to shake hands with them, or else seem aloof and stand-offish. In the past, if my hands were sweaty, I did not take people's hands when they were proffered to me, which is frankly bad manners. These days, since I have my Iontophoresis machine from Sweat Guard, I have no qualms about it at all. My hands are completely dry. Amazingly, it has liberated me in very important ways and given me more confidence. I only wish I had known about this before and I could have solved my problems years earlier. I have had Hyperhidrosis since puberty (I am now in my 50's) and simply thought there was no cure or treatment for the problem. I was wrong. This has been very important for me. Also, I want to say that I am very impressed with the personal after-sales advice I have been given and my queries have all been answered immediately. This is so reassuring.
  •   Mrs Palmer - Essex Complete 100% - Dry hands and feet for the first time since the age of 12 - even in this hot weather. 15 Iontophoresis treatments and I was dry - a miracle. Iontophoresis treatments have been the only treatments to have worked. Being dry really does have such an impact on general life as although I didn't ever let my sweating stop me from doing anything, it was an embarrassment. It is such a pleasure not to have to apologise for being sweaty - my head has almost come to accept that I am dry now.
  •   Miss Taylor - Northern Ireland I have received a complete reduction in sweating for my hands and feet. Iontophoresis treatment is the only thing that has stopped the excessive sweating and I'm extremely happy with the results, and I have bought lots of nice shoes that I can now wear Ha Ha
  •   Mr Jahan - London My hands and feet are 100% dry. Thanks for your help. I am also greatful to Sweatguard for giving us such a good Iontophoresis Device. I am very happy now. Thank you so much.