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Extreme Deodorant stops Excessive Sweating and Body Odour

So Effective We Give You A Money-Back Guarantee

"Such a life-changing product...."
"Confidence has gone sky high...."
"Bar far the best of its kind on the market...."
"Can not express how life-changing this is for my 16 year old son...."
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Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Xtreme Body Odour Antiperspirant for extreme sweating and body odour, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return to us within 14 days and we will refund £20.

Xtreme - Stops Extreme Armpit Odour And Sweating
If you have tried dozens of Strong Antiperspirants and they have failed you - this is for you.
If you constantly check for underarm odour - this is for you.
If your body odour stops you from hugging - this is for you.
If you don't wear colours due to sweat showing - this is for you.
If extreme armpit sweating affects you daily, whether hot or cold - this is for you.

Try it to believe it.

You Are The Judge
Even if you suffer from body odour and huge wet patches, and every so called "Strong" Deodorant has failed you, use Sweat Guard Xtreme Body Odour Antiperspirant, and if you think that it has not reduced your extreme sweating and odour enough, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £20. Yes, that is how confident we are that you will join the thousands of sufferers who have seen just how amazing Sweat Guard is.

Only Available From This Site
You can only buy our high strength Body Odour Antiperspirant directly from us - the inventors and manufacturers -

Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our high strength Body Odour Antiperspirant, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return to us within 14 days and we will refund £20.

  • Stops both extreme sweating and body odour
  • UK formulation and UK made
  • 50ml roll-on
  • Private - mailing bag has no mention of what is inside
  • Coconut fragranced so it is ideal for men & women
  • Only available direct from the Inventors and Manufacturers - Sweat Guard
  • Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Strong Antiperspirant, you are not satisfied, for any reason, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £20
  •   Cat - West Sussex My 16 year old son has struggled with body odour problems since the age of 8. We have previously tried every regular deodorant on the market. Despite showering regularly and applying deodorant up to three times a day the problem has persisted. I recently came across SweatGuard Xtreme and thought I'd get some for him to give it a try. I wasn't hopeful, as it really is a severe problem. I cannot express how amazing and life changing the result has been for him. Just one application on in the morning and he is absolutely fine all day. His confidence has soared. It is worth every penny.
  •   Carol - County Durham I have tried numerous things to help my son with his excessive sweating but none have worked. They have included tablets from his doctor, a roll on and cream from chemist which weren't cheap. I googled best item to use on excessive sweating and was recommended. I read the reviews and was impressed, plus with a money back guarantee I was sold. My son has been using the sweat guard Xtreme deodorant for less than a week and has seen an significant improvement. He is only 17 and was really embarrassed by his excessive sweat marks. Happy son, happy mum.
  •   Luke - London Sweat guard Xtreme deodorant is by far the best of its kind on the market and smells great too. Other hyperhidrosis products have a chemical smell but not sweat guard. With other products I have had no luck and I've even suffered burns from some, not with sweat guard. I would recommend sweat guard to anyone who never wears colours. Use with the sweat guard soap, a great fragrance soap. Thank you sweat guard Regards
  •   Sandra - Surrey Superb antiperspirant deodorant. Problems with excess underarm sweating until I started using Sweat Guard Xtreme. Would use nothing else.
  •   Karl - Staffordshire I would like to thank you very much for making such a wonderful deodorant. This is such a life changing product. I told all my friends about it, how it actually works and you don't have to put much on. For the £20 price, it is brilliant.
  •   Helen - Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Very impressed with the Xtreme deodorant, not had any problems, by far the best product I have used.
  •   Cathy - Shropshire Sweat Guard Xtreme deodorant is very good, I wouldn't use anything else now. My underarms weren't too sweaty but I did have an odour which wasn't body odour, but not pleasant at a certain time of the month and my clothes were stained and retained the odour even after washing. Now the odour has stopped and my clothes are better too. Would definitely recommend this deodorant to anyone. Wish I'd discovered them years ago.
  •   Lee - Rhonda I've been using Sweat Guard Xtreme deodorant for several months now and the only thing I regret is I didn't know about it sooner. It keeps me dry and fresh through long work days and doesn't ruin my shirts and tops like other deodorants I've used previously. Great deodorant that I have no problem recommending to anyone.
  •   Jordan - Leicestershire I am in a job that requires a lot of open body language, but with big sweat stains this simply wasn't possible. Now I use sweatguard Xtreme deodorant before bed and in the morning every day and I have virtually no marks at all.
  •   Jamie - Kent My confidence has gone sky high since I started to use sweatguard Xtreme deodorant. I no longer worry about what clothes I can wear that won't show my underarm sweat, because sweatguard has completely stopped it. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers with underarm sweat. It's changed my life.
  •   Anne - Glasgow I'm no longer worried about smelling bad within 5 minutes of showering and constantly spraying more deodorant on to try and mask any smells only to find it made it worse. This has dried my armpits up 100% and no odour whatsoever. No irritation either unless I have just shaved but that's just my sensitive skin. I honestly just want you to pass on my huge thanks for finally giving me my confidence back and not having to restrict what materials I wear or having to wear long sleeve tight fitting clothing as loose fitting made it so much worse.