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Best Antiperspirant For Excessive Armpit Sweating

Will Get Your Armpits Dry Or Your £16 Back

"Changed my life for the better...."
"Nothing had worked, but this does...."
"Reversed years of troubles and worries...."
"I can now wear what I want and not worry about sweat patches...."
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Best You Have Ever Used Or Your Money-Back
Our founder spent a lifetime struggling with the embarrassment of extreme underarm sweating, so you do not have to. After 36 years of failing to find a treatment that worked for him, he formulated a unique Antiperspirant that worked. Now you can use it too and feel the confidence gained from having dry armpits.

You Are The Judge
If you suffer from huge wet patches that are bigger than your hands and everything has failed you, Sweat Guard is for you. Imagine going from the daily embarrassment of huge sweat patches draining your confidence to having underarms so dry that you dare raise your arms for the first tme in years.

Imagine being able to buy colourful shirts without having to go for the usual sweat-hiding white. We are so confident that YOU can become dry that we empower you to be the judge - if for any reason you are not happy, return it to Sweat Guard and get your £16 back.

You Are In The Exclusive Store Of The Creator and Manufacturer
As we are NOT on the high street, well done and thank you for finding us. If Sweat Guard was sold on the high street, the price would be much higher as the retailers would need to add their profit onto our £16. So we are happy to give you the best possible price of £16. Sweat Guard is exclusively only available direct from this store - we are the creators and manufacturers.

You Will Only Know If You Use It
Tens of thousands benefit from Sweat Guard, but what can get you dry is what is important for you. We are sure that you can relate to the comments from our Reviewers at the bottom of this page and hope that you benefit from their heart-felt stories. But only by actually using Sweat Guard can you take the plunge from simply hoping something might eventually work, to living the dream.

Try it to believe it, and once you have used our antiperspirant, if you think that our antiperspirant has not reduced your excessive armpit sweating enough, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £16.

  • Will stop YOUR excessive armpit sweating or your £16 back
  • Unique Formulation - Extra Strong, Fast Acting Antiperspirant
  • Avoids Skin Irritation - Unlike Prescription Antiperspirants
  • Private - Discrete mailing bag has no mention of what is inside
  • Fragrance-free so it does not clash with your favourite fragrance
  • Size: 50ml (66% more than other clinical strength 30ml Antiperspirants)
  • Usage: apply a small amount in the morning and before bed
  • If you are not happy with it for any reason, return to us within 14 days and get your £16 back
  • Now available in our new discrete modern look packaging but Sweatguard's unique highly effective, widely tested formulation is the same
  • UK invented, UK made & EU licensed
  •   Luke - Whitby I am overwhelmed with the results of the sweat guard antiperspirant. My confidence in general and in wearing my own choice of clothes has unbelievably changed my life for better. Couldn't recommend your extra strong antiperspirant enough. I couldn't live without them. Thank you for restoring my confidence.
  •   Yvonne - Cornwall I have suffered from excessive sweating issues for most of my adult life. Allergic to most strong antiperspirants, I have tried almost every product you can imagine and even gone to the GP who prescribed 2 extra strong antiperspirants, both of which left nasty burn marks. Sweatguard was the last resort before resulting to injections to control the issue and I must say on the first day of trying the product I noticed a huge difference and by day 3 my problems with wetness completely disappeared. I have been using the product now for 9 months and will not change. The down side is initially the antiperspirant is expensive, but in the long run, by not buying antiperspirant after antiperspirant to resolve the issue, I am in turn saving money. Just wish the antiperspirant bottle was slightly larger to have more value for money.
  •   Martin - Bedford Plain & simply it's brilliant. I had tried so many different strong antiperspirants and they had all failed due to irritation or just not good enough. The Sweat guard excessive sweating antiperspirant is brilliant. Can be used like a normal roll on and really does work and still allows your body to sweat naturally but reduces it in your problem areas, fantastic product.
  •   Roisin - Dublin I decided to try this antiperspirant for my daughter who suffers from excessive sweating of the hands, feet and underarm. This sweat guard extra strong antiperspirant has helped her better than any other product on the market and much better than any medical underarm antiperspirants which burnt her underarm skin. I had given up finding anything to help her cope with this awful condition. Thanks to sweat guard she can now participate in activities that normal girls of her age do, without embarrassment. Thank you sweat guard.
  •   Julie - Twickenham Amazing antiperspirant. Like everyone always says, I had tried everything else and nothing worked, but this just does. I've used it for years now.
  •   Sam - London My wife has suffered with excessive sweating for around 2 years now and it was really starting to take its toll on our relationship due to her being very self-conscious a lot of the time about it. After trying Sweat Guard Extra Strong Antiperspirant, it is clear that this product is perfect for anyone suffering Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) as it reversed years of troubles and worries in no time at all.
  •   Victoria - Reading Finally, I have found an antiperspirant that works. I have spent years trying every strong antiperspirant I could find in shops and have never had any luck. Until now. I can now wear what I want and not worry about big sweat patches. I am someone that sweats very easily and it is so embarrassing when you are trying to cover under your arms in front of people, and very frustrating that other people can buy antiperspirant so easily and have no sweat problems whatsoever. I am now happy and will not be buying other brands of antiperspirant again.
  •   Matthew - Kingston Upon Hull It has delivered on a big scale and i'd just like to say that it is really brilliant. In fact it's changed my daily life for the better. I cannot praise it enough. Whatever you have done to make it work then keep it going. I hope it continues to do it's job for me and my body does not get used to it and it stops working it's magic. My only concern now is that you're always around to manufacture this stuff, because no other antiperspirant has ever been as good for me as this has. So Thank You.
  •   Martin - Trowbridge When i first seen these excessive sweating antiperspirants online I ignored it, thinking it wouldn't work. Until I read through all reviews about these strong antiperspirants. I've used Sweat Guard on countless occasions for the last year and my life is much happier now. No worrying about how sweaty I might get under my arm pits. Applying this roll on before bed and I apply again in morning - the results are outstanding. Try it for a real sweat free life.
  •   Sandra - Portsmouth You have given my son more confidence since using Sweat Guard strong antiperspirant - Many thanks