Our Best Antiperspirant Ever
  • Our Best Antiperspirant Ever

Our Best Ever Clinical Strength Antiperspirant For Soaking Armpits
Actually Stops Extreme Sweating Or your £19.99 Back


Price: £19.99

Our Best Antiperspirant Ever

Our founder has spent a lifetime struggling with excessively sweaty armpits so you do not have to. We are proud to offer the most effective Antiperspirant for Excessively Sweaty Armpits that we have ever offered.

Best Antiperspirant Is So Good We Give You A Money-Back Guarantee
Whether you are a man or a woman, if you suffer from Severe Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis), this breakthrough Clinical Strength Antiperspirant will work for you when other products have failed. We have tested specialist products from across the world and sold some of the better ones, but we are proud to tell you that this is our best antiperspirant ever. We are so confident that our Clinical Strength Antiperspirant will work for you too, we offer a solid money-back guarantee on it.

You Are The Judge
Even if you suffer from huge wet patches and everything you have ever tried has failed you, try Sweat Guard's Best Antiperspirant ever, and if you think that it has not reduced your dripping armpits enough, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £19.99. Don't forget, you are the judge, so if this was only an OK antiperspirant, our customers would send it back in huge numbers. This is NOT simply an OK product, this is an oustanding antiperspirant which actually works for those of us who have been let down time and time again.
Created By A Hyperhidrosis Sufferer
Our founder has spent a lifetime struggling with the daily embarassment of severely sweaty armpits. From the age of twelve, 26 years were spent battling Axillary Hyperhidrosis with every desperate measure he could think of (Diet, Supplements, Homeopathy, Western Herbalism, Chinese Herbalism, Acupuncture, Hypnosis and of course hundreds of Deodorants / Antiperspirants), so he decided to use his own experience to help others. Sweat Guard Ltd was launched in 2006 with one simple goal - offer the best, most effective products for the 3% of us who really suffer daily from this embarassing condition. Sweat Guard Clinical Strength Antiperspirant was created in the UK by Sweat Guard Ltd. To ensure supplying you with the highest quality product, we are proud to manufacture in the UK.

Exclusively From The Specialists
This specialist Clinical Strength Antiperspirant is NOT available on the high street - it is exclusively available from the manufacturer - Sweat Guard Ltd (a British company based in Yorkshire).
Do You Wear Jumpers And Jackets To Hide Wet Patches ?
As less than 3% of the UK have a severe sweaty armpits, it is of no surprise that antiperspirant manufacturers concentrate on the 97% of the population who are simply looking for features that are NOT critical to those who really suffer (quick drying, special fragrances). What is really CRITICAL to those of us who have this daily embarassment is to stop the armpit sweat, so that we do not have huge wet armpit patches on show. The confidence gained from having a night-out without worrying about armpit sweat being on show is priceless. You will feel cooler as you will stop wearing jumpers and jackets to hide your shirt sweat. Imagine how much more colourful your wardrobe will be when you don't have to choose shirts based on which colours (black & white) show wet patches the least. Not only that, but you will feel more comfortable because you will not have trickles of sweat flowing down your side.

So effective we guarantee it - if you think that our best antiperspirant has not reduced your excessive armpit sweating enough, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £19.99
  • Size: 50ml (66% bigger than our previous Antiperspirants)
  • For your privacy - No mention of Sweat Guard or the product type is shown on the outside of the mailing bag
  • Usage: Can be used daily
  • Roll-on
  • Fragrance-free so it does not clash with your favourite fragrance
  • Exclusive: This specialist Clinical Strength Antiperspirant is NOT available on the high street. It is exclusively available from the manufacturer, Sweat Guard Ltd (a British company) at www.sweatguard.co.uk
So effective we guarantee it - if you think that our best antiperspirant has not reduced your excessive armpit sweating enough, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £19.99



If You Are Not Satisfied - Return To Us And Get Your Money Back
Here at Sweat Guard, we have such amazing confidence in our products that we supply them with a satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. That's right, this is NOT one of those pointless marketing "Guarantees" with lots of stipulations like only return it unused. At Sweat Guard you CAN return used products.

Please Try Our Products And See For Yourself
Until you see the benefits, of course you are sceptical - you have probably struggled with this condition affecting every day of your life for years - you've tried countless products - wasted time and money. Here at Sweat Guard, we want you to try our products because the results have to be seen to be believed. Once you have tried our products, I am sure you will become a repeat customer. However, once you have tried it and you feel it is not for you - simply return to the address at the bottom of this page within 14 days, using a signed-for delivery, at your expense. Once, we have received the goods back, we will quickly issue a refund back onto your card. We will not refund the Postage & Packing.

A Simple And Genuine Guarantee - What A Refreshing Change


I have suffered from the stress of excessive sweating for over 20 years. Living with the horror of huge dark stains under my arms even during cold winter months, I searched the web in desperation hoping to find a cure. Botulinum injections I had been told work very well but are not available in my area on the NHS, and are cost prohibitive on a private basis (£300-£500 every 4 months). This is when happily I discovered the sweat guard web site. The full money back pledge made me think "Why not?" and even though I have never payed so much for a deodorant, it has proved to be worth every penny. With the help of my "sweat guard antiperspirant roll-on" I can now approach each day with a confidence that had always eluded me. I wear clothes of colours I would have avoided before and feel so much happier.
Thank you sweat guard
Dee - Gloucester
I would just like to say that having suffered from years of sweating underarm especially when wearing a shirt for work and having to always wear a t-shirt underneath in the hope that this would prevent the sweat (even though it didn’t), I finally took the plunge and purchased Sweatguard antiperspirant last month. I am pleased to say that for the first time I can go to work wearing a shirt and not having to wear a t-shirt underneath and I can get through the day without a trace of sweat under my arms. This product really does work. Yes the bottle is small and the outlay is expensive but for me the price was really worth paying for to stop embarrassing sweat patches under my arms. So pleased I am about to order some more.Thanks
Jason - County Durham
I have suffered with excessive sweating for 8 years and tried various methods to relinquish this embarrassing problem and up till now nothing has worked. Only a few months ago I tried a roll on that actually burnt my skin. I decided to give the Sweat Guard Antiperspirant a go, and its the best antiperspirant that i've ever used! It takes about 5 days to build up and really work but the results are brilliant. I used to wear sweat shields in my clothes to avoid sweat marks under my arms and now i dont need to wear them anymore! Sweat Guard antiperspirant has given me a new lease of confidence and made me feel more comfortable in the skin I'm in.
Lydia - North Yorkshire
When i first went onto the sweatguard website i was Very hesitant to believe these products actually worked. I continued reading through the site and looked at the various products on offer. I then proceeded to the comments page and after some long deliberation and the money back guarantee, which definitely helped to sway my decision, i then decided to purchase the Klima spray and Sweat Guard antiperspirant. I go to the gym a lot and work out, i am in really good shape but never really get to show it off when i Leave the house. In clubs and bars i only where black shirts or t shirts because of the visible sweat patches, its so embarrassing and i don't want anyone Looking at me, i get Very self conscious about it. However, i've been using the sweat guard antiperspirant for over a week now and its great. I barely sweat at all. I've bought new clothes for the summer and can rock out in blue, yellow, red, grey t shirts and not worry about having damp pits. Plus it smells like strawberry millions, the sweets, its great. Its give me back my confidence and i'll defo be buying Again before i run out.
Johnny - County Antrim
I've been using your Sweat guard Antiperspirant for just about a week and am very impressed. I wonder now what took me so long to try something new. To be honest, I was very sceptical and did not really think it would work. I don't know how, but it does! I now ride horses all day with no worries!
Thank you.
Rowena - Berkshire
My daughter used to sweat excessively, especially during PE, which made the lesson a nightmare. After only a few days of using Sweat Guard antiperspirant, she now looks forward to PE.  Thank you so much.
Nicky - Hertfordshire
Sweat Guard antiperspirant does seem to be a very good product. I have tried other products but found them to be uncomfortable, causing real irritation when worn overnight. Sweat Guard can be applied easily and dries quickly without any problems.
Catherine - Merseyside
I have been using Sweat Guard Antiperspirant for a few weeks now and am delighted with the results. I suffer from excessive body odour but not excessive sweating. I was using two different types of deodorant after showering and then despite using deodorant several more times a day I would still end up smelling. This was particularly bad in stressful situations.
Sweat Guard Antiperspirant has stopped all that. It has a lovely smell and its a real pleasure to lift my arms up now and get a whiff of something pleasant. For everyday use I find one application in the morning is sufficient, but if I know I have a big day the following day I will use it the night before as well just to make sure. I used to panic constantly about how I was smelling and at any opportunity I would be sniffing my armpits.  Now I've relaxed about it so much that I forget to check at all, most days.  It is not until I lift my arm up and get a lovely whiff of the antiperspirant that I remember. 
I had previously tried other strong deodorants but I found these didn't always work and left me with irritation. I've had no such problems with Sweat Guard and really recommend it. It is more expensive than other products but I feel it is worth it and with a money back guarantee what have you got to lose. If your odour problem is really affecting your life then try this as from my experience it really works.
Many thanks Sweat Guard.
Jeannette - Cornwall
The key for me is to apply it before I go to bed. Sweat guard antiperspirant has been revolutionary in a very short period. Can't recommend enough.
Nick - London