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Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant - UK Made
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See What Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Think

I really could not be more grateful to find this product when i did. Having suffered from hyperhidrosis of the armpits since i was a teenager, finding sweat guard has literally been life transforming. 
Unlike other products on the shelf, not only does this really work but leaves no stinging sensation under my arms. I use it regularly before bed and sometimes in the morning. 
I can now wear what i like with full confidence, knowing i will stay dry even in the most stressful situations.
I can assure anyone reading this i have tried every product out there and this is by far the best.
Nicky - Norfolk
I have always struggled with underarm hyperhidrosis. I used to have to take extra clothes on holiday in case I sweated too much during the day, and often had to soak my clothes in bicarbonate of soda before washing to get rid of the patches and smell. With Sweatguard's antiperspirant that's all a distant memory. I can be confident that I won't get sweat patches during the day and I'm no longer constantly worrying about body odour. I can even wear a cardigan or jumper and put it back in the wardrobe for another wear, something that was unthinkable previously!
Thank you Sweatguard for literally changing my life!
Gemma - London
I have tried a number of hyperhidrosis products on the market - this is the best product to date. Thank you from a previously sweaty person.
Tony - Hertfordshire
Tricky subject for ladies….excessive sweating. Nothing has worked for me until I did a bit of internet research and came across sweatguard hyperhidrosis antiperspirant. I tested it on my recent holiday to the Caribbean where temperatures were typically 30 degrees or more. What can I say, no more sweat patches! This product really does work!
Ruth - South Yorkshire
My uniform at work requires me to wear a bright coloured shirt during the summer and it required a lot of moving around thus the sweating begins. I was unable to carry on half my work because of the dark circles under my arm.
After finding out about Sweatguard's sweat pads and antiperspirant, my insecurities stopped right after I used. I still use it to this day and I will continue to do so.
There is no exaggerations in Sweatguard's products and I definitely recommend it to anyone that is having any problem with hyperhidrosis.
Nedd - Isle of Man
My son has suffered greatly from hyperhidrosis for a considerable period of time and nothing could solve his problem.
Until now!
I carried out some online research and purchased Sweat Guard Antiperspirant to see how good it was. We were not disappointed, so I’ve ordered many more since for him.
This product is just MAGICAL, extremely effective and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
John – North Yorkshire