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Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant
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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis Sufferers have to cope with excessive sweating whether they are hot or cold, exercising or resting. If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis (medical condition of Excessive Sweating), I am sure that you will have tried dozens of Antiperpsirants, trying to reduce armpit, hand or foot sweating, dozens of Deodorants, trying to reduce the body odour.

Perhaps You Have Tried Miracle Hyperhidrosis Cures - Herbalism, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Hypnosis. If you are considering Botulinum Injections or Hyperhidrosis Surgery, please try Sweat Guard's hyperhidrosis treatments first - you can beat Hyperhidrosis without Injections and without Surgery. Our Hyperhidrosis treatments are so good that we give you a genuine money-back guarantee - guess why our competitors do not.

"Primary Hyperhidrosis", also known as "Focal Hyperhidrosis" appears without a known cause and is more common than "Secondary Hyperhidrosis". Primary Hyperhidrosis usually starts at childhood and persists throughout life. Whilst nervousness and anxiety can elicit or aggravate excessive sweating, psychological disturbances are not always the reason.

"Secondary Hyperhidrosis", is secondary to another condition which is causing the excessive sweating. Conditions that cause Secondary Hyperhidrosis include Cancer, Diabetes, Gout, Glucose Control Disorders, Hyperthyroidism, Menopause, Mercury Poisoning and Pituitary Disorders. Drugs can also cause Secondary Hyperhidrosis.

Sweat Guard - After suffering with Hyperhidrosis every day of his life for 26 years, Sweat Guard's founder decided to make a stand against ineffective Hyperhidrosis Treatments.

Satisfaction Or Your Money-Back - Founded in 2006, Sweat Guard Ltd (A British Registered Company) was the first to offer Money-Back Guarantees for hyperhidrosis treatments. More importantly, we believe that we are still the only company offering a genuine satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Yes, it is ridiculous that companies try to copy us, yet put rules in their small print, such as, no refunds if you have used the antiperspirant - they do not have any faith in their products do they. Here at Sweat Guard we have total faith in our hyperhidrosis treatments and want Hyperhidrosis Sufferers to use our treatments. Once you have used Sweat Guard Hyperhidrosis Treatments, you will join the growing ranks of Sweat Guard fans who want to shout from the roof-tops what a life-changing difference our Hyperhidrosis Treatments have made to their confidence (not constantly worrying about underarm soaking patches or shaking hands) and appearance (being able to wear colours). Please click the "Reviews" tabs on each product page and see what real Hyperhidrosis Sufferers think of Sweat Guard Hyperhidrosis Treatments.

Hyperhidrosis Sufferers usually suffer for years or even decades, wasting considerable amounts of time and money trying endlessly to find a solution to their hyperhidrosis. This is why our founder believed it was extremely important to prove that Sweat Guard's Hyperhidrosis Treatments are effective against the hard to beat medical condition of Hyperhidrosis.

We thank the countless Hyperhidrosis Sufferers who have written in and allowed us to share their stories of how Sweat Guard Hyperhidrosis Treatments have made life-changing effecs on their lives. As "Life-Changing" sounded like marketing exaggeration to us, we never used this phrase until we found it was the most widely used term used by our customers. Please click the "Reviews" tabs on each Hyperhidrosis Treatment page and see what a massive difference it makes to daily life when you no longer have the embarrassment of soaking wet underarms or dripping hands and feet.

If your shirts are soaked with sweat, your sweaty hands are dripping or your feet are sweating excessively, we have Hyperhidrosis Treatments which actually stop severe excessive sweating. If you suffer from Body Odour, we have an Extra Strength Deodorant which beats Body Odour or your money back.

Exclusive Hyperhidrosis Treatments - here at Sweat Guard, we specialise in Excessive Sweating Solutions for the 3% of us with Hyperhidrosis. Exclusive - Sweat Guard's Hyperhidrosis Treatments can NOT be found on the high street - these are specialist Hyperhidrosis Products exclusively available from


We have so much faith in our Hyperhidrosis Treatments that we give you a money-back guarantee