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Dress Shields Stick On Pack of 10
10 Stick-on Underarm Dress Shields - £3.99 Triple Absor..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Washable Dress Shields
2 Washable Dress Shields £3.99 Ultra Absorbe..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Stick-on Dress Shields 40
Best Ever Stick-On Underarm Dress Shields 40 for only £..
Ex Tax: £7.49
Dress Shields Stick On Pack Of 80
Best ever stick-on Dress Shields Triple absorbency ensu..
Ex Tax: £12.49
120 Stick-on Dress Shields
Our best ever stick-on Dress Shields 120 for £19.99 T..
Ex Tax: £16.66

3.4 times absorbency, UK made Dress Shields
Buy the Best - Dress Shields designed and made by Sweat Guard


Ever since buying my sweat guard underarm dress shields, I have gained so much more confidence. I can wear any top, without putting a cardigan/jumper on or using folded tissue to try & absorb the sweat. I'm not a smelly sweaty person, quite the opposite I just work in hot restaurants but now I just use the  dress shields and I am happy without worrying if tissue will fall out or if I'll have to dry my shirt under the hand dryer that is the most embarassing.
Kat - Manchester
I recently stumbled upon the sweat guard website whilst desperately searching for a solution to my hyperhidrosis. My employer had introduced a uniform in a colour which was going to show my dreadful sweat problem and was exacerbating it as the more conscious of it I was, the worse it became. Sweatguard dress shields are AMAZING. No more unsightly wet patches under the arms, I'm more confident at work but most importantly my self confidence is no longer in the gutter. Thank you sweat guard oh & I've recommended you to some friends too.
Sarah - Northamptonshire
I purchased dress shields from you and these have been absolutely fine, no problem
Susan - Manchester

Discovering the amazing sweatguard disposable dress shields has dramatically expanded my wardrobe!  I love fashion, and really enjoy dressing up – but so many dresses and tops hung in my wardrobe untouched, due to anxiety about sweat patches. Suddenly they were accessible again! It is truly liberating to have that worry lifted – and a remarkable confidence booster to be able to wear the clothes I love, relaxed and carefree, without constantly having to check for sweat patches. If I could have one wish fulfilled, it would be for Sweatguard to produce these fabulous dress shields in black, so that they could be placed discreetly inside short-sleeved black tops without showing.
Mae - London
I bought the sweatguard dress shields and it they served me really well. Very comfy in clothes. Thanks to sweat guard
Olamide - West Midlands
Dress Shields - we are so confident that you will be delighted too, we give you a money-back guarantee