Dress Shields UK Made - 40 for £9.99


UK Made

40 for only £9.99
Triple Absorbency for Severe 

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Price: £9.99

UK Made Underarm Dress Shields - 40 for £9.99


Only You Will Know The Dress Shields Are There
So small only you will know they are there. Our smallest Dress Shields ever, use our advanced technology Ultra Absorb material to absorb more whilst being smaller. Sweat Guard's Dress Shields now absorb triple the amount of sweat compared to those from a major competitor. They now absorb the large amounts of sweat produced by Hyperhidrosis Sufferers (medical condition of "Excessive Sweating"). Sweat Guard Dress Shields not only absorb huge amounts of sweat, but also use a sweat-proof membrane to block the armpit sweat from showing on your shirt.

TRIPLE Absorbency for Severe Sweating
When we created our Triple Absorbency System AND our Sweat-Proof Membrane, we knew we needed to get one more important feature absolutely right - adhesive coverage.

Stays Stuck To Your Shirt All Day
In the past, we used to apply adhesve in stripes. Our competitors still apply in stripes. The problem with this cheap, inferior method of application is that it leaves substantial stripes with NO adhesive at all. 100% adhesive coverage using Sweat Guard's advanced adhesive is necessary for the Dress Shields to stay inside your shirt even in the warm, soaking wet conditions of the armpits of Hyperhidrosis Sufferers. Sweat Guard's special adhesive is applied right out to the edges so that "edge-rolling" is a thing of the past. Sweat Guard Dress Shields stay stuck to the inside of your shirt all day long.

Not only that, but the peel-off backing allows you to reveal the self-adhesive backing and stick straight into your shirts. NO sewing, NO pinning, NO glue-strips to buy - everything you need in each quick to apply small, discreet 9.5cm x 11.5cm Dress Shield.

Premium British Made Quality At Only £9.99 For 40
Premium quality Sweat Guard Armpit Shields at the price of a foreign "Economy" shield. If you are considering another supplier, ask yourself why they will not give you a money-back guarantee. Sweat Guard is so confident of the effectiveness of our Dress Shields, that we will give you your £9.99 back if you are not satisfied. 
Please hit the "Reviews" tab above and see what a massive difference our Dress Shields have made to the lives of our customers.

Absorbs More From A Smaller Shield

Do not be let down by inferior "clothes protectors" designed for the small amounts of sweat produced by the average person who wants to protect expensive suits. At only 9.5cm wide, Sweat Guard Dress Shields stick neatly to the inside of your shirt and will not be seen. You don't want people to see your underarm sweat and you don't want anybody to see your Dress Shields. Buy the best - small and discreet AND absorbs 3.4 times the sweat.

Money-Back Guarantee - if you are not satisfied, return the Dress Shields to us within 14 days and we will refund £9.99


  • For your privacy - No mention of Sweat Guard or Dress Shields is shown on the outside of the mailing bag
  • Colour: White
  • For: Men & Women
  • Size: 9.5cm wide x 11.5cm long
  • Discreet: Small size, yet 3.4 times the absorbency of those from a major competitor
  • Quantity: 40
  • Use only on machine-washable clothing
  • Type: Self-adhesive Disposable Dress Shields
  • Peel-off backing allows it to stick on instantly
  • Made in: UK. Designed by Sweat Guard, manufactured by Sweat Guard

Money-Back Guarantee - if you are not satisfied, return the Dress Shields to us within 14 days and we will refund £9.99


If You Are Not Satisfied - Return To Us And Get Your Money Back
Here at Sweat Guard, we have such amazing confidence in our products that we supply them with a satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. That's right, this is NOT one of those pointless marketing "Guarantees" with lots of stipulations like only return it unused. At Sweat Guard you CAN return used products.

Please Try Our Products And See For Yourself
Until you see the benefits, of course you are sceptical - you have probably struggled with this condition affecting every day of your life for years - you've tried countless products - wasted time and money. Here at Sweat Guard, we want you to try our products because the results have to be seen to be believed. Once you have tried our products, I am sure you will become a repeat customer. However, once you have tried it and you feel it is not for you - simply return to the address at the bottom of this page within 14 days, using a signed-for delivery, at your expense. Once, we have received the goods back, we will quickly issue a refund back onto your card. We will not refund the Postage & Packing.

A Simple And Genuine Guarantee - What A Refreshing Change


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I was advised to try Sweat Guard's dress shields for my extremely unhappy teenage daughter. We were desperate, her confidence had shrunk to zero and we felt helpless. To say it changed all of our lives is an understatement. We now have our happy confident daughter back. Thank you Sweat Guard.
Laura - Norfolk

Great "Dress Shields", sticks to shirts, polos and t shirts. Not only stops sweat marks but gives me so much more confidence to wear my favourite shirts. I've also found my shirts to last longer as they don't ever smell anymore so less washes needed. A must buy for anyone with sweat problems!


Bradley - Tyne and Wear

I am 19 years old and suffered from excessive sweating since I was about 10. It was really embarrassing and still can be particularly when I have to wear tight fitting costumes for dance performances. The sweatguard underarm dress shields have been an absolute godsend. Easy to conceal and replace when needed – definitely wouldn’t be without them now. Would recommend these to all dancers/performers who sweat excessively.
Allanha - Dorset

My son has suffered with excessive underarm sweating for a while now and went to the doctors, we are still waiting for an appoinment 6 months on. I thought one day, is there such a thing as underarm pads and put this in on the internet. I came across the sweatguard site and have not looked back.
My son has more confidence and is happier about going out especially if it is hot outside. His clothes no longer get stained or crusty from the sweating. The dress shields are discreet and I find that they do not smell or discolour. My only anoyance with them is when I find them in the washing machine after thinking my son would of taken them out before putting in the laundry, or standing there with 10 T-shirts and peeling each sweat pad off. A truly brilliant product Thank you for helping my son.
Marnie - Kent
Brilliant - confident that my Underarm dress shields will stay in place. Unlike other makes, sweatguard dress shields do not travel down my sleeve or worse, end up on the office floor.
Joyce - Edinburgh
Having sweat patches appear under your arms is embarrassing to say the least if you are an adult, but when you are 17, it is the end of the world. My teenage daughter suffered really bad underarm sweat patches, which meant that her clothing choice was restricted to certain dark colours. Needless to say, mostly black. I trawled the Internet in desperation one day and found the Sweatguard website. I ordered the stick on underarm dress shields and they have made a huge difference to my daughter's life. They not only absorb everything whilst staying dry, she can now buy tops in whatever colour she likes. The dress shields are comfortable to wear and do not show - you really can not tell they are there. I'd recommend them for anyone, but particularly for teenagers who are extremely worried about body image.
Julie - Middlesex
I have used a number of different manufacturer's underarm Dress Shields and concluded that your Sweat Guard ones are the best for the following reasons:-
It does NOT become detached from the shirt. With lesser sweat pads, it is especially uncomfortable when this happens as the adhesive has a tendency to stick to underarm hair. The Dress shield is a sensible size - not too large.
John - Surrey
I cannot praise Sweat Guard Dress Shields enough. Firstly the simplicity of just keeping dry underarms. For me though the bigger bonus is the protection this product gives my clothes. The life and cleanliness of my precious clothes is extended and I now enjoy buying any clothes that appeal to me rather than buying only clothes that would not show up sweaty moments.
Caroline - County Cork
Sweat Guard Dress Shields are brilliant for keeping work clothes smart and odour free. A great invention.
Emma - London
Sweat Guard dress shields are most effective. They stay in place well and yet are easy to remove when used. They really protect clothes and give them a much longer life. Very good value for money, I would not be without them now.
Amanda T. - South Devon
I started suffering from embarrassing underarm sweat patches and was limited to wearing dark coloured t-shirts or t-shirts under shirts. I also tried numerous antiperspirant products with limited success. Some of the very strong products worked reasonably well, but caused major skin irritation and ruined my t-shirts, so had to stop using them. With Summer now here I desperately wanted to wear light coloured shirts again, so thought I’d give the Sweat Guard dress shields a try. All I can say is that I wish I had found them sooner. I have been wearing them for about 2 weeks now and am very impressed. They are discrete and do the job very well indeed. The only very slight downside is that they can be tricky to stick in place correctly, without causing wrinkles. However, with a bit of patience and practice you can almost eliminate the wrinkles. Still better to have the odd wrinkle underarm than a massive wet patch. Impressive product and great confidence booster.
Mike - York
I use Sweat Guard dress shields regularly. I am a dancer who competes often and get very hot at competitions with all the attire we have to wear. Its great that I am no longer embarrassed by sweat patches on my dress as I have none. It really helps to boost your confidence as well. I can lift my arms - Its such a small thing but really makes a difference.
Sam - Kent
Sweat Guard Stick-on dress shields - It really works - I'm happy and confident again
Werner - East Midlands
I have previously ordered Sweat Guard underarm disposable dress shields and find they are excellent. I can now wear tops that I wouldnt have previously worn. They are not visible and also the adhesive backing is very good. I can only think of one occasion in all the time I have used them that they have not stayed in place - obviously the fabric of the top was not suitable. I will continue to use them and highly recommend them.
Jane - Nottinghamshire
I have been buying Sweat Guards disposeable dress shields for many months now and I find them to be great. They are so thin that you don't notice that you are wearing them and nor does anyone else. They are super absorbant and easily peel off your shirts at the end of the day unlike other shields that I have used from different suppilers. I can totally recommend these dress shields, they make daily life easier and less emmbarrassing.
Thank you Sweat Guard.
Steven - Conwy

Money-Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, return the Dress Shields to us within 14 days and get your £9.99 back