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I bought sweat guard antiperspirant for my daughter to try as she was seriously considering expensive injections or surgery to help with her excessive sweating problem. She was not expecting sweat guard to help but was pleasantly surprised. She is now wearing tops and dresses that she'd given up hope of being able to wear because of wet patches. Other high strength antiperspirants have irritated her skin, but with sweat guard that hasn't been a problem. Would definitely recommend your sweatguard antiperspirant.
Maggie - Shropshire
I have suffered with very sweaty armpits for years and had given up on finding a solution to combat it, until I looked on the web and found Sweat Guard. I was optimistic as they offered a refund after 14 days if it did not work. Although it is more expensive than I used to pay for a antiperspirant, it is worth every penny!  I wish I had found it earlier as it has given me a confidence boost and I am no longer paranoid that people are looking at my underarms! I am now a loyal customer and will not be going anywhere else!
Steve - London
I recently bought your clinical strength antiperspirant and it has changed my life! I have always suffered with sweaty armpits for as long as I can remember. Never being able to wear light coloured tops by choice, having that familiar feeling of dread when you sightly raise an arm and then feel that wetness. I recently started a new job and the uniform is a red blouse! For weeks I either had to wear my fleece jumper over the top or put something on my armpits to mop up the sweat. Then out of desperation I googled for help and your website appeared! I placed an order straight away and it arrived so quickly. I started using it immediately and within a couple of days I noticed a massive change. I no longer sweat excessively and I am no longer ashamed at work! My confidence has soared and everyone has noticed a change in me but nobody can work out why!
Thank you so much x
Penny - Cornwall
For a couple of years now I have suffered from excessively sweaty armpits. Even when I'm cold, sweating had become the bane of my life, constantly having to cover up and never truly able to relax and be myself. I had tried a number of products when I came across sweat guard so I thought I may as well try it. At first the results were mixed, it definitely reduced the excessive sweating, but to start with I felt slight irritation. However after a couple of weeks the irritation had gone and so had the sweat! I then recently went on holiday in South America where it was hot! A real test for how good the antiperspirant is, and I have to say my armpits were the only part of me not sweating! Sweat guard has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone that suffers from the same problem.
James - Berkshire
I would recommend sweat guard products as I had hyperhidrosis for many years and after using sweat guard antiperspirant for a number of months, I now have my excessive sweating under control.
Martin - London
I was amazed by sweat guard antiperspirant. Before I used to be so embarrassed with wet sweaty armpits and now I am full of life.
Rani - West Midlands
I simply love Sweat Guard antiperspirant. It works 100% and doesn't stain your clothes at all. Actually, my problem was using antiperspirant on my underarm would leave a yellow stain on my clothes, but when I found this product and gave it a try, just simply loved it.
Mona - Iran
Great products and the best I have come across. I use your high strength antiperspirant and deodorant soap bar. Since using them, I haven't had any sweat problems and I can finally wear colours and my confidence is through the roof.
Luke - West Sussex

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Once you have tried it, in the unlikely event that you do not think it is the best antiperspirant you have ever tried, return to us within 14 days and get your £14.99 back.